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Our advanced material
processing methods




Laser cutting of materials

We possess a TRUMF LC 4030 laser machine. This established manufacturer has been operating on the market for more than 100 years, and in cooperation with our experts, we achieve results quickly, qualitatively and flexibly.

The machine enables accurate cutting of materials. It is equipped with intelligent software functions such as high-speed cutting, detection and correction of material deformations, and detailed parameter settings for error-free processing of various materials.

With a laser, we cut materials with thickness dimensions of up to 2000 x 4000 mm:

  • NSteel up to 20 mm
  • NStainless steel up to 15 mm
  • NAluminium up to 10 mm

Bending of materials

We use the AMADA press brake for bending up to a length of 4 m.

CNC technology, controlled by computer-programmed instructions, ensures precise bending of sheet metal during small-batch and serial production. We guarantee millimiter precision even with complicated shapes.

On soft metals, we eliminate traces of processing for a perfect look.






TIG, MIG and MAG Welding

Our certified workers weld stainless steel products and industrial structures of various sizes: from small to oversized weldments of 16.5 tonnes. At NIKOMI, we use the innovative LORCH welding technology, proven by more than 50 years of experience.

The SpeedPulse technology allows us to weld 30% faster with stainless steel and up to 48% with common steel. For superior quality and better appearance of the weld seams. We use several welding procedures:

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas)

Manual gas metal arc welding. It enables precise welding even with thin metals and in places where there is a risk of thermal deformation. Thanks to TIG, we achieve a high-quality, aesthetic weld seam.

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) 

Semi-automatic gas metal arc welding. We use it especially with materials such as aluminium and its alloys, where it enables a quick, yet high-quality weld seam.


A sought-after method thanks to high-quality weld seams at low costs. We can effectively weld materials of different thickness and get an attractive weld seam in the shape of a caterpillar.

Cutting materials with a band saw machine

The advanced PEGAS band saw machine allows us to quickly and precisely divide metal materials of different hardness and thickness into the required dimensions and shape without deforming them.





Round bending

Round bending

Using a 3-roller and 4-roller rounding machine, we process metal sheets into welding and supporting constructions.

We bend material up to a length of 2 m and stainless steel up to a thickness of 6 mm.


Implemented according to the customer‘s request. We offer grinding to exact size, design grinding of stainless steel or grinding for surface treatment.

Using our advanced German LISSMAC machine, we remove unwanted sharp edges on both outer and inner contours of the material.

We cut metals into a desired shape using a universal milling machine with precise digital display .

We can process external and internal surfaces of metal parts precisely by means of a lathe.


Obrábanie kovov



Shot blasting

Shot blasting of stainless steel surfaces

In our 14 x 5 x 4 m shot blasting machine, we can precisely treat weld seams from small to oversized workpieces by adjusting the pressure intensity. With a stream of glass beads, we unify the surface of metal objects and improve their corrosion properties. This is a decorative method of metal processing, which creates a slightly porous, but uniform texture.

We shot blast stainless steel and welded constructions up to a length of 14 m.

Powder coating and electropolishing

Implemented in cooperation with proven partners.

This is an electrochemical finishing process, which removes a thin layer from a metal part to leave a perfectly smooth surface finish. It uses electric current to dissolve a thin layer of metal ions into an electrolyte solution. It is used for products in the electrical industry.

Powder coating
It allows us to create an excellent finish of metal constructions with a durable coating. We apply a dry powder to the surface of a metal in a dry finishing process created by an electric charge, thanks to which it adheres evenly to the applied surface. After this procedure, we bake the part in a curing oven at 190°C to harden it and achieve a uniform, durable coating.

We guarantee a perfect result thanks to our specialised team with many years of experience in processing metal surfaces.



& Powder coating



CNC machining

Implemented in cooperation with proven partners

We offer various and precise metal production processes using CNC technology (Computer Numerical Control). These are procedures which are controlled by computer-programmed instructions. The advantage is a significantly higher accuracy compared to traditional, manually controlled equipment. It allows us to offer precise results even when processing the most complex orders.