strojárske riešenia

Product lines

Equipment for reliable production




Welded constructions

We produce consistently processed metal products from small to multi-tonne:

  • NSmall weldments

Detailed and impressive shop equipment, metal racks, shelves, but also various metal parts and components.

  • NLarge weldments up to 16.5 tonnes

Stainless steel constructions of industrial machines, food processing machines, or machines for the production of products in the electrical industry.

Advanced technology and many years of experience of our colleagues guarantee the precise design of the weld seams.

Conveyor systems

Important transport equipment for specialised industrial production.

Conveyor systems are used to automatically transport materials and products during the production process in various industries.

We manufacture conveyor systems according to the needs and specific requirements of our customers.

In the production of conveyor systems, we provide:

  • NAdaptability of dimensions and angles of conveyor belts
  • NFlexibility of the transport route in the desired direction or elevation
  • NDifferent types of conveyors: belt, roller and others




Vibrating conveyors

Fast and gentle transport of raw materials or other materials during production.

Specialised vibrating conveyors are equipped with motors that transmit vibrations to the conveyor belt and thus enable the careful movement of objects. An effective solution for industries where it is necessary to move even the smallest raw materials.

We manufacture vibrating conveyors according to the needs of our customers, with emphasis on the design‘s quality. Their diverse use allows the transport of various materials in the production and processing procedure.

Ideal for transporting:

  • NPowders, grains, seeds, raw materials of food
  • NStones, metal parts, wood shavings or other small objects

Vibrating conveyors ensure material movement free of pressure and friction. This way, fragile materials remain intact during handling.

Structural elements,
building structures

Quality and reliable construction products for various industrial purposes.

Our offer includes production of platforms, industrial structures and production halls, railings, stairs, industrial chimneys and other building construction elements.





Catering furniture, catering equipment

Professional catering and restaurant establishments, that need to comply with strict hygiene standards, trust our long-term experience in the production of catering furniture and equipment.

  • NWe offer various catering equipment:

work tables and worktops, shelves, stainless steel furniture, showcases, serving carts, racks, equipment and systems for food delivery, heating tables and more.

When manufacturing catering equipment, we pay attention to functionality, ergonomics and neat surface finish. There is a possibility of solutions combined with wooden elements in cooperation with the experts from REZBA.

In addition, we provide professional consulting services in designing and setting up your operation.